160 Cool White LED Bouquet Christmas Lights





160 LED Bouquet Christmas Lights. 160 ultra-bright cool white LEDs. Low power consumption. 50,000 hour bulb life. Pre-fitted transformer plug. 8m power cable. Each bouquet contains 8 LEDs. 50cm cable between each bouquet. 9.5m from first bouquet to last. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Brighten walls, window lines, roof edges and more.Beautify your abode with this set of eye-catching LED bouquet lights. The LED Christmas lights have been designed with clusters of bulbs at regular intervals and are great for illuminating walls, window lines, and other indoor or outdoor spaces. Each cluster has 8 bulbs, which are laid out in a circular design like a bouquet of flowers. The white Christmas lights are powered by a transformer plug via an 8m cable, enabling you to easily plug them inside when illuminating outdoor areas. Because the white LED cluster lights have low power consumption, they rsquo;re incredibly cheap to run. They also have a 50,000 hour minimum bulb life, enabling you to brighten the interior and exterior of your home for many Christmases to come. Bouquet Christmas lights 160 ultra-bright cool white LEDs Low power consumption Minimum 50,000 hour bulb life Pre-fitted transformer plug Cable length from plug to first bouquet: 8mCable length between bouquets: 50cmLength from first bouquet to last: 9.5mSuitable for indoor and outdoor use Material: Other Material.

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