One For All Sv1630 3 Way Automatic Hdmi Switcher With Remote Control




This HDMI intelligent switcher is the perfect companion to your TV or Monitor. It allows three pieces of equipment with HDMI connectivity to be connected to one HDMI input on your TV or Monitor. Perfect for a games console such as a Playstation, Xbox and others, Bluray Player, Laptop, Satellite or Cable and other pieces of equipment with an HDMI connection. Automatically selects the most recently powered on product and also comes with a remote control. Can also be controlled manually if required. Full HD, Ultra 4K HD compatible. Depth: 20 MM Automatic HDMI Switcher FullHD/4K UltraHD/BluRay 1 in and 3 Out Remote Control Height: 110 MM Width: 60 MM Wifi Enabled: N

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