Playstation Vr Driveclub – Playstation Vr





Bring racing to life like never before with PlayStation VR DriveClub This truly immersive experience harnesses the power of the revolutionary PlayStation VR system to put you in the driving seat like never before. This first person virtual reality driving experience pushes your skills to the absolute maxiumum for a race like no other. With 3 different modes to play, take your place in the cockpit of some of the most exclusive, high-end cars ever made and get closer to the action for high speed and high octane racing action. Unleash cruise mode as you freely roam tracks in and out of the car and soak up impressively details locations in virtual reality. Passenger mode allows you to jump in the passenger seat and take a thrill ride with some of the best racers in the world. Inspection mode allows you to Inspect the cars inside and out, from any angle at your leisure. If you ever wanted to truly feel like a real racing driver – now is your time. PlayStation VR required.

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