Samsung S32F351FUU LED Full HD Monitor, 32





Slim shape and flawless Full HD visuals, this Samsung monitor brings intense, colourful life to your latest games and holiday snaps. Its Game Mode setting works to sharpen every frame, while the extra-wide viewing angle allows for optimum group enjoyment. Space-saving design The top of the monitor’s frame is only 10mm wide, making it no thicker than a ballpoint pen. Its circular stand has a depth of 247.7mm to maintains the overall svelteness, so you don’t have to surrender too much desk space. Extra-wide viewing The monitor offers 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle to help make group presentations and family movie nights fun for everyone. Flicker free Samsung are constantly trying to improve the quality of the picture to ensure every shot is sharp and clear, which is why the brand has introduced its Flicker Free technology to this monitor. It works to reduce any annoying screen flicker, so you can work without distraction. Smart power Samsung has built this monitor with the functionality that allows you to manually reduce the brightness to 25% or 50%, which will help you to cut down on your energy expenditure when necessary. It also features an auto setting which works to adjust the display brightness based on the luminescence of the screen shots to further reduce energy consumption by up to 10%. Accessories included: Power cable (1.5m) Install CD Quick setup guide HDMI cable

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