SANDSTROM AV Black Series HDMI Cable – 2 m

£39.97 £29.97



Broadcast quality digital video, audio and inter-component signals with the high performance Sandstrom Black Series HDMI Cable.The connectors on this HDMI Cable are gold-plated for extra durability and improved connectivity. It supports data transfer speeds of up to 18 Gbps and screen resolutions of 4k, 3D and Full HD. The 3-layer shielding protects the signal from interference if you have a lot of electronic devices in close proximity. If your television has a built-in tuner, the Sandstrom HDMI Cable’s Audio Return Channel can send audio data upstream to your home cinema system, so you get the full benefit of all your sound system without needing an additional sound cable. But Sandstrom’s HDMI Cable doesn’t just carry Full HD 3D picture and high-quality sound, it is also capable of transferring Ethernet signals as well, allowing Smart TVs to access the internet. The Sandstrom Black Series HDMI Cable is reliable and versatile.

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